Who is Oya?

First Orisha

female to appear in the wheel of Batuque. Oyá, she is the goddess of storms and the strong wind that precedes her, she belongs to the Panteón yoruba. It is said of her that she is Efuele ti' da gi l'oke-l'-oke (the wind that sweeps and uproots the trees from the top). rule together with monkey. He is one of the few orishas who can dominate the Eggunes (spirits of the dead) power that was granted by Babalú Ayé. It was the great love of Oggun until she left him for monkey. She is authoritarian but sensual, with a very strong temperament, dominant and impetuous. She is one of monkey's wives, whom he accompanied in all his battles

She is also the owner of the cemetery gate. Beside ChooseOrula Y Obatala rule the four winds.

This goddess is also known by the name of Yànsá del Yoruba Iyámsá (Iyá: mother - Omo: children - Mesá: nine) for being the mother of nine egguns, given which she exercises a special power over them.

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